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Process of opening and starting a business for foreigners in Montenegro

 Official offer with many details of opening company


Process of opening and starting a business for foreigners



Necessary documents 

  1. Passport 
  2. Rental agreement for business space or for personal accommodation
  3. Two Stamps                                                                                        2 *(10.00+VAT 21%) = 24.20
  4. Administrative taxes                                                                                                                  27.00


-              Commercial court                 10.00

-              Official Journal                       12.00

-              Central Depository Agency   5.08 per person


  1. Court / Notaries Certification                              Certification depends on number of signatures   

-              There must be certified: Decision (agreement) of establishing a company; OP form (for

each bank); authority.    Usually around        20-30€       


  1. Accounting agency services for opening a company                             500+VAT 21%   = 605.00

                                                                     Total approximately                                        686.2€

**Registration for Custom is included in registration process but registration for custom itself normally takes 20 days. If you want to start import immediately after registration of the company we can do it faster (registration for custom directly) and our services for that are   15.00+VAT21% = 18.15€

**We can start with procedure of company registration as soon as we know the information about a company:  name of the company, address of the company (business space), kind of activity that will be performed, who are owners and form of ownership, as well as the beginnings capital. 

If you don’t know where the business space will be, we can do registration according to address where you live here (adress from rental agrement)  Of course we need your address in Turkey. 

**Registration of the company usually takes around 5 days.





Necessary documents

  1. Diploma - ORIGINAL
  2. Proof that in the country of origin is not legally convicted (this document you can take in Turkish embassy in Podgorica too)
  3. Excerpt from the Bank-proof that you have 310.00€ on the current account-this amount you can take just after you get the proof.
  4. Proof of having accommodation – Rental Agreement on the period of at least  14 months
  5. Health insurance        
  6. Copy of passport
  7. Proof of company registration
  8. Proof of Medical check  in Montenegro
  9. Official offer from the company for a work                

**You must bring us only two documents that are in bold, all the rest we will collect together!             


  1. Nitrification of the diploma    (depends of level of education)                      30-150.00€      (50e if you finished high school, 150e if you finished university.)     
  2. Health insurance                                                                                                            26.59€     
  3. Medical check                                                                                                                 25.00€  
  4. Taking a permit                                                                                                               65.00€
  5. Documents translation                                                                              15.00€ per page 

(Diploma (University diploma with transcript of records) from Turkish to Montenegrin, proof

that in the country of origin is not legally convicted)                                                                                                  

  1. Agency cervices                                                                              (100+VAT 21%) = 121.00€       Total approximately                                                                                        284-430.00€

**This process can be done in meanwhile of the company registration. You can start businss activity just after registration of the company and berfore geting working permit,but only if company will hire somebody who legally can work. ( somebody who already have residence in Montenegro) 

** All prices given for this II step are per person!!!

Accounting services fee is based on contract and it is based on the fact if company is active or no -

Company which is not performing an activity - 100.00 e+VAT



***We are holding the right for changing any of previously written items, according to changes in law. 

                                                    Monthly costs for tax and contributions


You must know that minimum salary for foreigners is 310€, whats mean that you should pay contribution and tax on this amount. That is obligation of around 210€ per month. 

(this amount includes pension, health insurance and insurance for unemployment, as well as personal tax for the guvernment)

This has to be paid every month until 15th in the month. ( even you are not performing activity you have to pay this.)

This is minimum for employee as well for director. ( of course you can pay higher salary with higher contributions, is up to you.)

If you hire Montenegrin citizen, minimum salary is 193€ and you should pay around 130€ tax and contributions. 

Accounting services on monthly basis


Accounting servicess fee is based on contract and it is based on the fact if company is active or no -

Company which is not performing an activity - 100.00 e